• Step 1 Score All Prospective Customers

    While viewing information on a prospective customer’s bureau and credit application, users click corresponding items on an AutoZoom scoresheet to produce scores and values that guide them in their efforts to match credit-risk with appropriate financial-risk in under one minute.

  • Step 2 Enter Repossessed Account Info

    Once a vehicle is repossessed or a customer account is written off, users can key a few deal-specific details into AutoZoom in under two minutes.

  • Step 3 View Resulting Analytics

    Users are able to navigate hours on end through many data grids, reports, charts and exports generated utilizing the data from steps 1 and 2, allowing users to discover which underwriting efforts produce the best results in specific portfolios.

AutoZoom users are empowered to screen out credit abusers, to offer credit to people who have good intentions albeit possibly poor means, and to extend credit on higher cost vehicles with lower downpayment requirements to even more credit worthy customers – giving all who are worthy a chance to prove they will pay.

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