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AutoZoom:  The Company

Scott Carlson is a serial entrepreneur who has an extensive accomplished background in the used-car financing industry which began more than five decades ago. He is also the founder of AutoZoom, a risk management SaaS company that helps auto dealers to better manage risk and minimize repossessions. Jointly, Scott and his family’s BHPH dealerships, Mike Carlson Motor Company have originated in excess of 200,000 used-car financings with sub-standard credit buyers.

AutoZoom’s founder, co-founders, partners, and associates have extensive operational backgrounds associated with independent BHPH lots, sub-prime lending, and the development of dealership management systems software dating back to 1969.

In 2016, Scott decided to share his experiences and insights with others in the auto industry, and wrote the book, “Stalwart Lot Rat:  Used Car Finance Mastery.”  In the book Scott shares many of the challenges that BHPH dealerships face every day and how he took the knowledge learned on the front lines of the industry and created a powerful underwriting solution, AutoZoom, to help make dealers more productive and profitable.

✨Craig Johnson says: I’ve been in business for 25 years but i felt like i was in a rut. i came across Autozoom and after a few days i signed up. So far so good. Scott and Beth have been very professional and helpful. I feel like this training is something that can help me grow.✨

✨Bret Fawcett says: Very helpful…some adjustments were made that I think will be great. Looking forward to using this tool.✨

✨Dan Grovenor says: I have worked with Scott and his team for over 3 years now. They have a great product and do a great job in giving as much support and training as you could need. I would and have recommended them.✨

✨Advantage Xenia says: Simply put, AutoZoom has taken the guesswork out of approving a BHPH deal! If your BHPH dealership would like to automate underwriting, effectively measure risk, increase sales, and track repossession data, then this web-based user-friendly program is for you! In addition to this great program, you develop a unique relationship with the owner that has been in this business for over 50 years. Scott always has time for you no matter how busy he may be. I’m glad to be a part of his team and the AutoZoom family.✨

AutoZoom:  The Product

AutoZoom is a web-based scoring and BHPH analytics system designed to meet the underwriting and analytics challenges of the buy-here pay-here industry in today’s economy.

Although AutoZoom is designed to function independent of dealership software, our company now selectively offers dealership software vendors the ability to integrate with it. AutoZoom’s predictive underwriting system for BHPH enhances dealership management software through its RESTful API – AutoZoom DMS SoftLink.

AutoZoom Predictive Underwriting, coupled with BHPH Analytics, enables your company to survive BHPH portfolio risks more effectively. You will be able to maximize sales and expand product range, all while testing the limits of risk verses reward. More accurate management of credit decisions and the measurement of data related to maximizing overall performance of your business will allow your company to increase sales more profitably.   Read More information about AutoZoom

✨Allen Daniel says: I was very skeptical about signing up and using a scoring model system. We have been in business successfully for over 40 years using our own system but we wanted to be able to track numbers better and tighten up our underwriting and have hard data to look at to make sure we were tightening correctly. We decided to sign up and honestly i did not think we would change our decision making much with the new system. Almost immediately we have fully bought in to the Autozoom model. The customer service is second to none. The data reviews are very helpful and it insures you are fully using the model and taking full advantage of everything it offers. How many other companies have the owner/founder perform the data reviews with you? We have been very pleased with Autozoom so far and look forward to improving our usage of it in the future. Allen Daniel – Daniel Motor Company

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