Scoring and BHPH Analytics

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We build custom-fit scoring models for used-car financing dealerships

AutoZoom, the industry standard since 2002, builds custom-fit scoring models for used-car financing dealerships and daily has thousands of users relying upon each dealership’s own unique scoring model. AutoZoom has accomplished this using more than 50 years of firsthand BHPH underwriting experience and our proprietary suite of statistical and predictive algorithms applied against $14 Billion dollars of BHPH automobile loans our clients have originated using AutoZoom scoring models.

Millions of applicants zoomed by thousands of AutoZoom users since 2002!

Arming your underwriters with your dealership’s very own custom-fit AutoZoom scoring model will improve their ability to identify and turn down career credit-abusers. Also, with your dealer’s confidence and without involving the dealer or upper-management in every deal, your underwriters will be better equipped to offer financing options to the majority of applicants while dealing with each customer’s limited financial resources and instability factors. Most importantly, your underwriters will be able to skillfully increase sales by extending attractive credit offers to those qualified applicants desiring to pay minimal downpayments on higher priced vehicles.

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