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In this book, Scott Carlson shares insights, advice, and observations from his decades in the BHPH sales and finance world, and addresses a number of challenges, opportunities, and the potential profits that come with it.

The significant profits in used-car finance come from having the highest possible count of active, paying customers on the books relative to fixed overhead – not because of down payments. Static Pool Repossession rates of less than 25 percent and over 45 percent respectively are not necessarily signs of good or bad used-car financing business models. In the same way that many industries have changed in the past, the used-car financing industry is consolidating and maturing at a rapid pace.



Scott Carlson is a serial entrepreneur who has an extensive accomplished background in the used-car financing industry which began more than five decades ago. He is also the founder of AutoZoom, a risk management SaaS company that helps auto dealers to better manage risk and minimize repossessions. Jointly, Scott and his family’s BHPH dealerships, Mike Carlson Motor Company have originated in excess of 200,000 used-car financings with sub-standard credit buyers.

The insight and stories that Scott shares in his book will enlighten readers to what is possible in a very fragmented and underestimated industry.

Scott Carlson can be contacted via his company AutoZoom. 
Phone (817) 605-8770    ext: 712  
or text me at (817) 991-2652

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