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    AutoZoom’s mission is to help independent and franchised financing dealerships increase sales, reduce repossession losses, capitalize growth and expand their operating footprint. So, in addition to offering our own products and services, we are developing an affiliate network by identifying and creating partnerships with other companies which offer services and products that line up with our mission. As we complete our vetting process on each company, they will be added to the Affiliates section of this site. We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of everything these companies offer.

    Advertising & Marketing

    • DealerProfitPros
      Need someone that understands Buy-Here Pay-Here and the specific marketing/advertising challenges of the BHPH industry? DealerProfitPros offers unique programs for BHPH dealers that eliminate wasteful spending while focusing on what is working right now in today’s economy.
    • The Dubis Group
      They provide marketing services for the franchise and independent auto retailers. Services include web development, engagement and reputation marketing, and advertising and promotion strategies to build increased sales.
    • SendOutCards – Relationship Marketing
      Relationship Marketing is about forming long-term relationships with customers, rather than trying to encourage a one-time sale. The best way to acquire new customers is through referrals.

    Capital Funding Sources & Services 

    • AGORA
      AGORA brings together buyers and sellers of auto loans from across the nation and engages them within a single, unified, safe, and secured online trading platform. Our search engine helps match the right deal with the right buyer, and we provide tools and metrics to reveal insights throughout the transaction process, reducing the workload on your analytical teams. And, all of this is provided without any broker fees.

    Certified Public Accounting Firms

    • Cornwell Jackson
      Cornwell Jackson is a team of certified public accountants dedicated to the success of dealership entrepreneurs. Our proactive approach results in long-term, comprehensive financial management solutions that leave you free to do what you do best – build a successful dealership company. We provide comprehensive accounting services, including tax compliance, assurance, consulting, succession planning, and business services to dealerships in the automotive industry.
    • Shilson Goldberg Cheung & Associates
      Since 1985, SGC has served the subprime automotive industry throughout the nation with a special emphasis on used car operations. Today, our clients include more than 500 of the nation’s largest and most profitable automotive dealers and finance companies, with a particular emphasis on buy here, pay here. As a full-service accounting firm, we combine the services of experienced professionals to offer value-added services to individuals and businesses nationwide.

    Credit Reports and Compliance Solutions 

    • 700Credit
      Streamlined access to leading national credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  Dealers have a choice of credit report format. Tools are also provided to maintain compliance with the ever-changing credit landscape.

    Dealership Consulting

    • Premier Forty Consulting
      Would you like some help from someone who experienced BHPH first hand, start-up to six locations and nearly 100 employees as an Owner/Operator for 16 years, to help you with your business?  Premier Forty Consulting can help you Create Systems for Sales, Service, Collections, Inventory, Insurance, or Staffing. All systems developed first hand as a BHPH Owner.

    Dealer Management Systems (DMS) 

    • ABCoA Deal Pack
      ABCoA Deal Pack is the leading software provider of innovative technology solutions in the used car market today. Deal Pack manages in real-time accounting the issues that are critical to the successful operation of your car lot, related finance company, finance company or service and parts operation—handling retail, buy here pay here, leasing, wholesale, floorplanning, and service and parts.  Visit their website at or call 800-526-5832 to learn more!
    • Auto Master Systems, Inc.  
      Auto Master Systems has been a leading provider of dealer management software for the Buy-Here, Pay-Here auto finance market for over three decades. Their experienced team has designed a complete software solution for thousands of independent auto dealers and finance companies across the USA and Canada. They can deliver Auto Master Software both Client/Server based (installed locally) or hosted at their secure data facility. To learn more about their solutions call (855) 992-9913.

     Online Reputation Management

    • Testimonial Builder 
      Testimonial builder leverages the power of Social Media by putting your customers to work for you.  Salespeople use their smartphones to capture videos of happy customers at the time of sale and their app automatically uploads the video online for customers to share with friends.  The dealership is also able to share them on social media and its website to improve their online reputation and SEO.  The result is increased traffic to your website and higher profits for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

    Referral System

    • SendMeAFriend
      If you currently have a referral program in place, and you’re interested in putting it on steroids, we need to talk! SendMeAFriend will automate the entire process with a mobile-friendly portal. And our marketing program will help educate and engage your customers. If you don’t have a referral program, isn’t it time? Nielson just published a survey that says 92% of all consumers rely on recommendations from friends or family members before they purchase. Hundreds of dealers nationwide are experiencing record referral sales through our program. Schedule your demo now. 1-888-811-9106

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