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Since 2002 a great number of used-car financing dealerships have experienced sales increases, greater control of default rate and better portfolio loss liquidation results using AutoZoom dealership specific Scoring Models and BHPH Analytics. Compare your underwriting methods and results to those of AutoZoom’s growing list of devoted clients.

Custom Fit Scoring Models

AutoZoom simply mimics that which dealerships already do in matching appropriate credit risk and deal-structure via basic guidelines but with the addition of numeric scores in each AutoZoom model.

Control Repossession Rates

The repossession rate, frequency and severity of loss relative to vehicle cost range, mark-up percentages, and capital funding will all determine a dealership’s level of success or failure.

AutoZoom on All Devices

Used-Car Financing has many moving parts and can be time consuming, so we built the AutoZoom app to be simple and accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones. This means when you are on the go, you have 24/7 access to your business.

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Stalwart Lot Rat

Scott Carlson's new book offers great insights into the world of BHPH financing, its risks, and rewards. More info.


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