Learn About the
Power of AutoZoom

AutoZoom is a web-based scoring and predictive underwriting SaaS designed to meet the underwriting and analysis challenges of the buy-here-pay-here industry through its unique ability to build custom-fit scoring models for used-car financing dealerships. Our clients are able to established score benchmarks that enhance their underwriters’ ability to make quick solid credit decisions, reducing the need for upper management to be involved in the process by as much as 90 percent.

AutoZoom incorporates charts, graphs, drill downs, PDF’s, and data exporting features to greatly enhance your understanding of what is actually working in your underwriting efforts. Although AutoZoom functions independently of dealership software, our company now selectively offers software vendors the ability to integrate, using AutoZoom DMS SoftLink.

AutoZoom Predictive Underwriting enables your company to survive BHPH portfolio risks more effectively. AutoZoom emulates 45-plus years of industry experience, allowing BHPH dealers to consistently match the credit-right risk customer to the best
possible deal structure.

Using AutoZoom Predictive Underwriting, you will be able to maximize sales and expand product range, all while pushing the limits of risk versus reward.

Improve Closing Percentages
By utilizing the statuses feature in AutoZoom, our clients are able to timely inspect and manage the flow of deals by day or any date-range. You will be able to match various credit quality customers with the right deal-structure every time without hesitation.
Match Customers to Appropriate Risk
One of the most challenging tasks of BHPH underwriting is matching the appropriate creditworthy customers to the appropriate amount of financing and term. Lower credit quality customers should be offered lower cost vehicles with more stringent down-payments. The more credit-qualified customers should be offered higher cost cars with significantly lower down payments when necessary to gain the sale.
Require Less Down Payment
Offering vehicles to qualified prospective customers for considerably less down-payment than industry norm can accelerate sales even in a tough economy. AutoZoom clients can more accurately and consistently identify those customers worthy of higher cost vehicles with lower down-payments.
We have used Autozoom for three years and can’t imagine underwriting without it. When Scott gives you his cell number he means to call him for anything. This program has helped us grow and keeps us on track. Great product for anyone in the BHPH business.
Finance More Expensive Vehicles
Dealerships that are able to offer more expensive vehicles will attract better credit quality customers. When structuring deals, you will instantly know when you are about to risk too much.
Monitor Underwriting Processes Efficiently
Stop digging through piles of paper and file folders. Rely on the AutoZoom web-based underwriting system to keep you up-to-date on all underwriting activities 24/7 from anywhere.
Regulate Repossession Frequency and Rate
Minimize early repossessions and reduce your overall repossession rate by eliminating serial credit abusers and prospective customers who do not have the necessary stability factors which indicate a willingness, discipline, and ability to pay.
Evaluate Past and Future Underwriting Results
AutoZoom clients are able to enter past and new sales into our predictive underwriting system along with a bit of financial information for each repossessed account, enabling them to evaluate many underwriting aspects and period gain/loss results.

What Our Zoomer Clients Have to Say:

✨Read our latest review: We’ve been using AutoZoom for almost a year now. Beth and Scott have been very attentive with us, teaching our team how to use their software and always giving us feedback on how to improve. Looking forward to many more….. read more

Brian Caspian says: Scott is very knowledgeable, and learned a lot from him. Highly recommended.✨

Andrews Auto says: We started using Autozoom in 2018 at the strong recommendation from several of our fellow 20 Group members, and it has been one of the best ideas we’ve ever implemented into our business. Scott Carlson does a great job of helping us understand the data we’ve accumulated to be a better dealer. I would highly recommend to any buy here pay here dealer, regardless how long they’ve been in business.✨

Michael Smith (www.spacarsales.com) says: Our dealership has been using AutoZoom for a little over two years now. Our portfolio has been more successful. Our collateral recovery rate has improved, delinquency is down too. I also love the fact that we are compliant and don’t have to explain why we turn down deals, we have them for scoring deals. I could not imagine doing business with out them anymore. Very reasonably priced for the results. Thanks AutoZoom!✨

Josh Williams (Brevard Value Motors) says: A simple yet effective system that produces results. In nearly 10 years of bhph our collections and repo rates have never been better. I structure every single deal per my zoom scores. I wholeheartedly recommend Autozoom. ✨

Russell Moore says: Great business partner to have, trust the numbers, grow your portfolio!✨

Scissortail Auto Sales says: Game changing underwriting scoring model that is driven by data and not your gut. Leaving too much money on the table and taking too much unnecessary risk without it. Get signed up now and input your data correctly. Been signed up over 3 years and has transformed my business! ✨

Scott B. says: Matador Motors has been using AutoZoom for our scoring for two years. We have seen a dramatic change in both our overall repossessions and also in our recovery. The staff is very attentive and are great to work with. I highly recommend utilizing them.

Randy C. says: We have used Autozoom for three years and can’t imagine underwriting without it. When Scott gives you his cell number he means to call him for anything. This program has helped us grow and keeps us on track. Great product for anyone in the BHPH business.

Casey L. says: We have been using Autozoom for about two years. It has been a great addition to our company. It has simplified our underwriting process and has been greatly beneficial! Scott and Beth are great to to work with. Scott does in depth analysis with you that are very inciteful. I look for to positive growth with Autozoom!

Thomas D. says: If you are serious about growing and understanding your business better, this tool will do it. A huge amount of valuable data that keeps you compliant and helps you invest your dollars wisely in your loan portfolio. You cannot do yourself in weeks what this tool does for you in minutes!!

✨Clint H. says: Autozoom has been extremely useful to running our buy here pay here dealership in Nevada. Prior to autozoom we were purely “winging it” with our decision making when approving loans and structuring deals. Autozoom makes perfect sense. Thank you!

✨Chris H. says: Autozoom has helped our business to make informed credit decisions in a quick and easy way. We use it every day and it has fundamentally changed how we do business.

✨Rick R. says: AutoZoom has improved the quality of my life and increased my bottom line. I am no longer chained to the desk and our collections have improved dramatically. The AutoZoom scoring system makes sense and resonates with everyone on the team, including potential customers. It’s transparent.

✨Jana Page says: Our family dealership has been using this to underwrite and structure our car deals since 2014. In that time our business has grown and as we’ve added employees (54 and growing) AutoZoom has allowed us to consistently structure deals that will ensure our success.

✨Nick Rice says: We have been with AutoZoom for over 2 years and they are always quick to offer advise and assistance.

✨Mike Menzal: Scott is extremely knowledgeable in the industry and an its been great doing business with him! AutoZoom is highly recommended for any dealer offering in house financing. 10/10 recommend Scott and his team at AutoZoom!

✨DM Motors says: I’ve been in the BHPH business 28 years and an Autozoom user since 2005. Autozoom has enabled me to delegate underwriting and not have to look at every application. I now Maximize my ROI and able to forecast and determine easily what deals I want by past history and A accurate scoring system. Early on I was aggressive and wanted every deal that made sense.. Today, with the data and history I have collected in autozoom, I am cherry picking the deals I choose to do that create the least amount of effort with the highest rate of return which will allow me to stay in this business a few more years than I originally had planned to. Dale M